Our QB Skills training is unlike any other. Though our quarterbacks are given a lot of reps throwing the ball, we spend more time breaking down and improving throwing mechanics, working on footwork for pocket movement and pocket escape, accuracy, throwing from all angles and more. In addition to the areas we work on during our Group Sessions, we also include "classroom sessions" where we teach our quarterbacks the mental aspect of the position. While many quarterbacks may be able to tell you what defensive coverage they are looking at, few can tell you what the defense is trying to take away, where the weaknesses are, where the pressure may be coming from, where to attack etc. Our quarterbacks learn to master this part of the game, separating them from all the rest. We also teach the leadership qualities needed to be a great quarterback, how to handle college coach interviews, the do's and don'ts of social media and recruiting information.

Our Academy is 2 1/2 days of intense, extensive QB experience that will dramatically improve your game, on and off the field.

Our QB Challenge is 1 day of detailed learning & competition.


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  • Learn proper throwing mechanics from the ground up

  • Detailed video analysis breakdown of your mechanics

  • Pocket movement and pocket escape drills and techniques

  • Throwing with accuracy

  • Throwing from different angles

  • Throwing on the run

  • Classroom & field sessions on how to truly read & attack defensive coverage

  • How to read defensive leverage to anticipate a receiver coming open

  • Leadership qualities of a QB

  • Social Media

  • How to handle College Coach meetings

  • Recruiting information

  • UNRIVALED Passing Academy manual

  • Hand-eye coordination & concentration drills

  • Proper catching technique

  • How to get off the line vs press coverage

  • Proper cutting technique

  • Stemming & stacking techniques

  • Using body leverage to gain separation

  • Classroom & field sessions on how to read defensive coverage

  • Route variations based on coverage

  • Speed & Agility

  • Leadership qualities

  • Social Media

  • How to handle College Coach meetings

  • Recruiting information

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Bring cleats, sneakers, water and a light lunch/snack



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North Canton, OH